Your Constitution, Your Voice: We need civil conversation now more than ever.

Your tax-deductible donation by March 31 shows PBS you support ALJ’s compelling Constitutional conversations.


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Your tax-deductible donation by March 31 shows PBS you support ALJ’s compelling Constitutional conversations.

"Walk the talk": Promote and protect democracy & equality.

With your gift, you will be a part of ALJ's dedication to our country's civil discourse.

"This is the right program at the right time on the right network." - PBS station executive

Can the many opposing voices in our country find something in common?

Think our nation is polarized? Do you feel people talk past each other? If there's one place where we can find common ground— it's the Constitution.

Be an engaged and empowered citizen– make ALJ's "Compelling Constitutional Conversations" available to everyone.

It's about "the Big Why." Is our American republic facing historic challenges?

The ALJ team asked trusted experts, panel guests and active citizens how the program could best serve viewers. The overwhelming conclusion is that ALJ is here to shine a light on the rights and responsibilities of all citizens in our Constitutional Republic, now more than ever. There is no other program that addresses the legal issues of today with a Ken Burns-style historical perspective and intelligent, in-depth discussion that goes beyond sound bites.

ALJ's five Emmy awards in three years (besting network affiliates political programming and national PBS offerings) got the attention of public broadcasting executives just a few months ago. They say it's time ALJ is available nationally and presenting us April 1st to all stations. We're ready to go— with your help.

"This could be the next iconic PBS program." - Public media representative

The clock is ticking to make the March 31 deadline for $35,000 from our new Friends of ALJ campaign and $200,000 from corporations and foundations. Support this launch funding by March 31 by donating right away!

This is an extraordinarily brief time to raise this initial funding. We are counting on you to step up and support ALJ to be a part of this national conversation.

  • For the most impact, consider becoming a monthly sustaining donors ensure the program's sustainability.
  • One-time gifts are always welcome.
  • Sharing on social media can increase total donations 20-40% or more. Click on the social icons above in the "donate" box and show your friends and family you care about the future of our democracy.

These organizations are engaged and empowered to get ALJ on public broadcasting stations nationwide: Philadelphia's WHYY PBS station along with American Public Television and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. We are honored to be "lifted up" by such esteemed organizations.

Become a corporate or foundation sponsor by March 31 to meet our $200,000 sponsorship and underwriting goal.

May we share the many benefits of becoming a sponsor of PBS programming, for your business goals or foundation mission? The data is compelling.

Contact Maura Kennedy, or call (856) 220-8172.

Tax deductible contributions are made possible through fiscal sponsor The Greater Philadelphia Film Office for the support of the program.

Checks: Send to GPFO, 1515 Arch Street, 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Please indicate "The American Law Journal" on the memo line. Your receipt will display The Greater Philadelphia Film Office as recipient. | 888-78-LAW-TV

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